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The 2015 Constitutional Amendment has been withdrawn, and the 2016 Constitutional Amendment has been put forward (‘the king is dead, long live the king’) … Please join the community above for an ongoing dialog (probably for a few years the way this looks), and see the site: for information on the 2016 issues.


At the June 2015 Meeting the Board determined to remove the constitutional amendment from the 2015 ballot.  Input is being taken on the overall IEEE 2030 plan, hopefully we can put related information from this on the Yahoo web site (you can join by sending an email to the subscribe address above.) … There is ongoing related dialog there, and as the next phase of re-engineering IEEE takes place, we will try to keep folks connected there informed. — So — please join the community, set up the level of email you want to receive (real time, digest, only by web access) … and add your comments/insight.

It is not expected that this web site will continue to be “live” unless the IEEE 2030 effort resurfaces serious constitutional problems.

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Experienced IEEE Leaders Opposed to the Constitutional Amendment

The following experienced IEEE Leaders have stated their Opposition to the 2015 Amendment:

Past IEEE Presidents: 

John Vig (2009), Lew Terman (2008), Michael Lightner (2006),  Cleon Anderson (2005), Ray Findlay (2002), H. Troy Nagel (1994)

Past IEEE Directors:

Marc Apter, Ralph Wyndrum, Deborah M Cooper, Peter Clout, Anthony C Davies, Juan Carlos MIGUEZ, Ed Perkins, Larry Hamerman, Doug Zuckerman, Jim Isaak. Harold Flescher,Deborah M Cooper, Steven Hillenius, Tom Williams, Janina Mazierska

IEEE OU Governing Boards Stating Opposition:

India Council (11 Sections), NH Section, Communications Society

For more leaders who are opposed, see the Endorsement List


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IEEE 2015 Constitutional Amendment – Opposition Ballot Statement

John Vig, 2009 IEEE President and CEO has developed an opposition response for the annual ballot.  He is joined by Cleon Anderson, 2006 IEEE President, and Ray Findlay, 2002 IEEE President in this statement (along with other IEEE leaders)

The proposed 2015 IEEE Constitutional Amendment:

  • Would enable a small group to take control of IEEE,
  • Would eliminate the 10% of membership (~35,000 currently) minimum participation requirement – a fundamental safeguard of members’ rights. Instead of increasing members’ participation, it all but eliminates the threshold. The proposed amendment would make it possible to amend the constitution, on shorter notice, by <0.03% of membership (100 voters if 67 of them vote yes).
  • Would move vital parts of the constitution to the bylaws – which will be subject to change by a small group, the Directors, on shorter notice,
  • Transfers of power from about 350,000 voting members to a possibly small group of insiders,
  • Would remove constitutionally mandated regional representation from the Board of Directors thereby making it more likely that no Asian, European, Latin American or Canadian representatives will be on the Board of Directors,
  • Would remove constitutionally mandated technical activities representation from the Board of Directors thereby making it possible for a small group of bureaucrats and professional managers to take control of IEEE.

How has the current constitution limited IEEE?

John Vig, 2009 IEEE President and CEO
Cleon Anderson, 2005 IEEE President and CEO
Ray Findlay, 2002 IEEE President


You are encouraged to post a comment to this discussion — please indicate your name, and IEEE affiliations so that other members can get a sense for the level of concern related to this IEEE Constitutional Amendment.

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